MacWaste are tank cleaning specialists with all the necessary licenses for . We provide tank cleaning services to large enterprises across Ireland including Translink, BP and Premier Power.

Storage Tank Cleaning

Our team of experts will guarantee you a clean tank regardless of the size of the tank, the type of service, or the amount of remaining sludge.
MacWaste Tank Cleaning Services for:

  • Crude Oil Tank Farms
  • Product Terminals
  • Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

MacWaste can handle all your sewer and drain cleaning needs. Our fully-trained staff will diagnose and solve your drain problems using the latest technology. MacWaste provide a complete range of drain cleaning services with 24-hour emergency service available.

Sludge Management

MacWaste provide a complete sludge management service including digester cleaning, dewatering, dredging and centrifuge. Our sludge management services are supported by various disposal options.

Asbestos Removal

At MacWaste we understand the dangers of asbestos. Our trained staff carry out all work striclty in accordance with Health & Safety guidelines and regulations.

Forecourt Maintenance

Our forecourt maintenance services include tank refurbishment, pipework, tank gauge, tanks and drainage.

Interceptor Cleaning and Maintenance

MacWaste offer treatment of interceptor waste using state-of-the-art computerised equipment, accompanied by disposal services using articulated suction units.

Oil Spillage

MacWaste provide around-the-clock emergency spill response for petroleum and chemical products, hazardous waste and bio-hazardous waste. Our experienced staff are trained in relevant areas (e.g. COSHH) to provide disaster recovery, clean-up and remediation.

Emergency Response

For all our services we operate 24/7 emergency response. For contact phone numbers see contacts